Relish Tel Aviv

Boutique culinary experiences with Chef Amit Raz

Chef Amit Raz

Chef Raz holds culinary tours and cooking workshops

After establishing a renowned restaurant in South Africa
and cooking around the world, Raz returns to his birthplace
and invites you to a culinary journey.

Discovering the diverse flavors of Israel


Join a tantalizing food tour

Or book an intimate workshop for family and friends

Come to discover an array of food culture, new ingredients and cooking techniques

Private chef

Intimate cooking workshops

Food tours in Tel Aviv

Choose your culinary experience

White City Tour

The ultimate Tel Aviv encounter through the lens of Art, Architecture and food

Shuk and Cook

A Culinary Adventure from a local market to a chef's kitchen

Wine Tasting by night in old Jaffa

An fascinating Journey of Jaffa's history through local wines

A tantalising taste experience in Israel's historic food markets

Chef's Table in Florentine

An intimate dining experience with a chef in South Tel Aviv

customers stories

A few of the experiences from customers who shared me with their feeling From the tours & workshops

My sister celebrated 40 and I wanted to surprise her with something original, unique and fun and that is how I came to the wonderful colleague Raz who offered me a tour of the Levinsky Market and then come to his private home and hold a cooking workshop (Asian, at my request). The experience was magical. We enjoyed his knowledge of the culinary tour and of course the amazing cooking workshop done in a homely, warm and fun atmosphere. The meal was excellent and that is how we came out happy, happy and smiling. I have no doubt I'll return to it (I'm hungry already !!)

Shirly vinogard

custom made workshops

My partner and I went to an Amit Indian cooking workshop together and it was just magical! It was a surprise gift for his birthday. We felt we learned a lot, both about the different spices that are an integral part of Indian cooking and how to apply them and the food we prepared together was really colorful and joyful and most importantly - deliciously delicious! A fellow colleague is so charming and interesting and we both felt very comfortable asking questions, being interested and just chatting in between and getting to know. Enjoyed every minute, highly recommend! Thank you so much colleague!

bella potchi

ןמגןשמ 'םרלדיםפ




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